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About us

The staff of DetCom Systems Ltd. has been providing IT solutions for small and medium-sized companies for more than 10 years. Our main goal is to provide flexible, efficient and high quality service to our partners. Our business covers a wide range of products: hardware and software sales, computer installation, various services such as professional consulting, service, IT system planning, software development and software testing. Due to changing demands, we are present in more and more areas of the market.

Our services

Our IT support includes the following activities:

IT maintenance

Entrust a professional IT team with the maintenance of your entire IT system. The managed IT maintenance allows any businesses to have a low-cost, professional IT team without full-time IT specialist.

System design and consulting

We undertake the full design of the IT system to be transformed and newly built. Our goal is to design a system that best meets your needs, and our pieces of advice make it easy for everyday operations.

Unique software development

The members of our software development team have many years of experience in PHP, Java, Android and IOS programming languages. Thanks to our senior developers, we can also design and implement complex systems.

Software testing

We do not only test our own developments, but also softwares developed by other companies.

Website development

For our clients, besides creating the website, we also provide professional pieces of advice on choosing the best solutions for it.


DetView is an own developed application that provides a web interface for dental systems. The application is also available on both Android and IOS platforms. Details...


Our company provides IT solutions for small, medium and large companies. Over the years we have worked with several companies and we are working together now as well. Thanks to our good relationship with our partners, they can provide references for you anytime.

Our partners

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Over the years we have established partnerships with many companies, which means that we can rely not only on our own knowledge base, but also on the expertise of our partners in larger projects. Thanks to this good cooperation, we can also take part together in major national and international projects.

Our team

Each of our colleagues has more than 10 years of experience in their fields. In addition, the continuous technological development encourages us to train members of our team in order to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Thanks to this, they represent us not only in national projects but also in international projects.

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